Lyceum of Yggdrasil

Keeping the peace

The Younglings return from their first mission with the orphan Jax in tow. and the next few weeks are spent pretending to be farmsteaders instead of the space wizards they are, but things go back to normal once the boy is fostered with one of the nearby clans of Nerf Sheppards. Things go back to normal and the Padawans head into the greater world to seek new students for the Lycenium. Sarin Vuull and Anash Simerec head off to investigate rumors of a gurrcat come down from the hills feeding on the Domesticated long hair nerfs that are the hub of highland life.

Grand Master Ygg has become weaker, to protect him the Masters have moved him into the Sleipnir ind moved classes into the barn.

The head of the Desrochers clan has come to the farmstead looking for help.

Crest gets a sense that the young boy Jax that he rescued from the stocks a few weeks ago has force powers and his innate powers is that it hides his powers. A few weeks of the group acting like farmers and they give Jax over to the shepherds so that they can get back to jedi practice.

Crest and Enath and working very hard on lightsaber training. Everyone is doing night training. Crest is standing in the waterfall to build endurance and learn to operate without eyes and ears. Bote is spending lots of time with Grand Master Ygg in order to work on healing

Eeth, the head of the Desrochers clan,of highland shepherds, comes to talk to Bobbec the Jedi sage. The head of the Desrochers clan’s son had gone off to the rustle some nerfs and has disappeared. The attempts to talk to the other clan, has been rebuffed and therefore Eeth has to ask for the help of Bobbec and his younglings to see if they can find out what happened to his son, Borran and to bring him and his buddies back. Eeth is hoping that the masters will send someone to speak to the Montoya clan to see what has happened and negotiate. Bobbec has decided to send the padawans into the woods to see if they can find any information about what has happened.

The group packs and goes with Eeth to meet up with the rest of his group who are waiting outside the farmstead. Most of the clansman’s have large hunting animals with them. The group travels for a half a day up into the hills and make camp. Crest talks with Eeth to get more information about Borran. He gets no useful information from Eeth, other than Borran is good with the ladies, plays the mouth harp, and is fairly skilled for being a nerf herder.

The next day, the Desrochers get the younglings up to the campsite where Borran and his three friends was last known to be. One of the four hunting dogs had come back. The Montoyas blades have single sided all the type, with basket hilt. The Desrocher blades have no basket hilts and are double sided blades in the last two inches of the blade. Crest is able to get from deeper insight that Borran is a bit rambunctious and has a need to prove himself to his father. The group has split off from the Desrochers and are heading off to Montoya land to track down Borran.

Enath picks up an unknown track that the group decides is the best option they have, so they follow it for several hours until it gets dark and create camp. The next day Crest and Enath pick up on another track and realize that they are following the wrong track. Crest detects that there is a human with either a hunting dog or nerf that is over the hill and is aware of the group’s presence and is using out of season bird calls to communicate with someone. A person comes out from the bushes to stop the group and is holding them until the war lord comes to join them. Bote and Enath confer and decide to wait for the warlord to see if they can either be negotiated with or taken deeper into the territory to look for signs.

A spokesperson from the Montoyas asks why the younglings are in their territory within days of there being news that the Montoya chief is expecting a war party from the Desrochers. The Montoya scouts are wondering why the young monk kids are also in the area. The Montoyas are not looking for a direct fight with Desrochers. They are protecting their territory as if they are being set-up. The younglings are taken back to the Montoya war camp, with a runner being sent to the homestead to get the war chief. The younglings are agreeable to be taken to war camp as it is the only way to check the camp to see if there is information about the missing boys.

Crest is trying to strike up a friendly conversation with scouts to try and make friends. The war camp is currently located in a cave setting with no pasture nearby so that this is a camp not normally used for herding. Crest plays up the beggar monk persona and is taken in by one of the camp wives. The younglings are given nerf milk to go with their stew. The Montoya’s are a singing group they don’t play any instruments claiming that is a Desrochers thing. Crest finds out the Montoya chief has two daughters and a younger son who will inherit control of the clan many years from now.

The group lays down under the stars and sets a watch schedule with Bote taking the first watch, Crest, Kana, Enath and Kei’lani. Kana hears a gunshot and a squeal of pain rings out from one of the dogs. Bote hears the pain, jumps up and goes searching for the hurt dog. Kei’lani gets up and activates the night visions aspect to search for information. Enath gets out her weapon and tries to sense the direction of the shooter and their intention. Kana jumps up and readys her training saber without igniting it, in the direction that she heard it. Kana can immediately see the guy who’s dog was shot who was on patrol, and past them she sees guys who are just at edge of the firelight who are running into the camp with their long knives at the ready. Kana moves into a defensive position for the group. The four mooks running into the camp take out the scout whose dog they shot.

Initiative roll
Bote 1, 0
Crest 2,2
Kana 4,1
Kei’lani 3,3
Enath 2,5
Mooks 3,2

Enath- raises her hand to protect with her force powers. Kei’lani rushes forward to protect a young mother nursing her baby at the fire. Enath is able to force yank a sword from one of the mooks and flings it into the chest of the mook standing next to him. The sword pierces the mooks gut and drops him, the one who lost his sword stops moving as he is stunned to see what happened. The more mooks move into the camp and start hacking at a tent to get into it. One of the Montoya guards who comes out of the cave is shot by a slug thrower. Crest moves toward those who are hacking at the tent, and takes his lightsaber out turning it on at the moment of impact. He is able to ram it into the sternum of a hacking guy and dropped one of them. Kana force leaps with the her stick onto the other hacking guy and is able to disoriented the hacker. Bote shoots the stunned mook at the fire edge, and wounds without dropping him.

Kei’lani advances to the dark edge towards where the shots were coming from and tries to get a location on the shooter.He does not see anyone, although he gets a sense of the direction. Kana swings her stick at the guy she had previously hit and takes him down. The sniper that was in the woods who Kei’lani was trying to find shoots at Kei’lani and hits him. Crest moves quickly towards Kei’lani’s position, and is able to spot the sniper. Crest is able to close range on the sniper and hit the sniper doing damage and not dropping him. Enath sees the shot mook who starts running to escape, she uses the force to trip the mook who goes sprawling. Bote runs to the Montoya guard who is on the ground and unconscious. She is able to stabilize the person and help heal.

Crest circles the sniper which moves his back to Kei’lani. Kei’lani tries to active his shock glove and is able to stun the sniper and he drops his sniper gun, Kei’lani’s armor is shorted out. The sniper turns and tries to punch Kei’lani he doesn’t connect although now he s bobbing and weaving. Kana force leaps onto the guy is was tripped and currently sprawled on the ground, and knocks him out. Enath runs to the people who are in the cave in order to try and calm them and let them know that we are helping. Bote now moves to the guy who was shot at the cave entrance and begins healing. The sniper is looking back and forth between Kei’alni and Crest and decides to give up and surrender now that he has lost his weapon.

As the sniper surrenders, a blood curdling scream is heard from the other side of camp. Enath runs over and the woman is screaming “they have taken Jesharia” the leader of the war band. He was taken from a tent that had been hacked into that none of the younglings had noticed. Enath goes over to the mook on the ground with a sword in him, and intimidates him into telling his plan. The mook says the plan was to take prisoners, take down the men and take the women prisoners. The mook says he is with clan Droesher and his leader is Dorian, the blood brother to Borran and the sniper that has now surrendered. Because of the plan Crest surmises that a third party has kidnaped both Borran and Jesharia and is trying to get the two clans to fight each other.

As the mook on the ground names the sniper as Dorian, who is being led into the camp by Kei’lani, Dorian lunges for the mook on the ground “you coward”. Kei’lani grips Dorian harder and makes him take a knee. The mook on the ground is screaming in pain, Bote heads over to help remove the sword and heal the pain. The mook dies as Bote tries to remove the sword, it is quick.

Kana talks to the Montoya who was shot. The Montoya says that his dog Akiva is the best tracker. The younglings will take the tracking dog and the Montoya guy will take the women back to the Montoya camp. Crest talks to Dorian and gets his word of honor that Dorian will take the remaining three mooks back to the Droesher camp and confess his sins to Eeth.

The younglings take the dog and beginning to track until the dog stops and crouches giving a low growl. Kana, Enath, and Crest try to discern what is wrong. They can’t discern anything. Kei’lani uses his night vision and runs right into a dead predator cat that is hanging from the branch. Kei’lani stumbles back. This stunt was set-up to throw the tracking dogs off any trail, the dog is no longer useful and the group releases the dog back to his master. Enath is able to keep tracking and the group follows it farther. Just as dawn starts to break a house appears on the distance with lights in the windows and the tracks leading to it. The group surmises that Jesharia is being held in the house.

Everyone earns 10xp

Day Trip to Cedar

It is time to stock up and this time the Kids are in charge. Ti’Ilandra will be along just incase but the responsibility lies on you.

Shopping List
Wagon Wheels x 2
Bacon, 10lb
Salt beef, 10bl
Flour 20lb
Rice, 50lb
Coffee, 2lb
Sugar, 5lb
Vinegar 3quart
Table salt, 3sack
Molasses, 2gallon

The Wagon
Preserves 24 Jars
Honey 24 Jars
Apple Brandy 6 bottles
Wine 12 bottles
2 bales wool

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