Force-Sensitive Electro-Mechanic and Materials Analyst


Species: Chiss, Career: Guardian, Specializations: Armorer
Defense: 3/3, Soak: 7, Wounds: 16, Strain: 15, Force Rating: 2

Background: Battlefield Leader
Motivation: Cause (Help the Helpless)
Morality: Mercy/Naïveté 52

- BRAWN 4 (Athletics 0, Brawl 1, Lightsaber 1, Melee 0, Resilience 0)
- AGILITY 2 (Coordination 0, Gunnery 0, Piloting-Planetary 0, Piloting-Space 0, Ranged-Heavy 0, Ranged-Light 1, Stealth 0)
- INTELLECT 3 (Astrogation 0, Computers 0, Core Worlds 0, Education 0, Lore 0, Mechanics 3, Medicine 0, Outer Rim 0, Underworld 0, Xenology 1)
- CUNNING 2 (Deception 0, Perception 0, Skulduggery 0, Streetwise 0, Survival 0)
- WILLPOWER 3 (Coercion 0, Discipline 1, Vigilance 1)
- PRESENCE 1 (Charm 0, Cool 1, Leadership 0, Negotiation 0)

Talents: Armor Master, Imbue Item, Improved Armor Master, Infravision (Species), Gearhead, Grit x2, Inventor x2, Tinkerer, Toughened

Force Powers: Suppress

Equipment: Backpack (50 cr, -3 en), Concealing Robes (0 cr, 1 en), Charge Suit (2000 cr, 3/0 en), Riot Shield (300, 5 en), Training Lightsaber (400 cr, 1 en), Slugthrower Pistol (0 cr, 1 en), Stun Grenade (75 cr, 1 en), 2 Electro-Snares (100 cr, 2 en), 5 Restraining Bolts (0 en), Comm-link, 1d100 credits, armor-building components worth 500 credits


Kei’lani is a Force-sensitive Chiss. He has an instinctual connection with mechanical devices, high-electricity gadgets, and conductive materials. Particularly, Kei’lani uses the infravision of his species to assist in monitoring thermophotovoltaic conversion in electrical devices.

Kei’lani has suffered a number of mishaps in his experiments with electricity. The worst of these was the first of them, suffered at a very young age. It left half his face patterned with a network of disfiguring scars. To this day, Kei’lani’s friends and teachers have come to expect intermittent accidents and discharges, staying well away from his “experiments.”

While Kei’lani performs his researches with little regard for his own safety, he is strongly motivated to preserve the lives of others. Kei’lani also struggles with feelings of regret from having to hurt those who aggress him or his charges. He tries to talk such people out of attacking, but he has no gift for persuasion. This sensitivity drives Kei’lani to protect those around him, and in doing so, find unity with the Force.

Kei’lani’s preferred weapon, an electrical discharge, can be dangerous. But this is not discordant with the young Chiss’ philosophy. When used carefully, electricity can incapacitate foes without taking life.

To this end, Kei’lani wears a special suit of padded armor that he crafted himself. He’s been crafting and updating this armor since he was a small child, from the moment he picked up his first electro-tuner. The armor has a network of internal circuits that carries a heavy electrical current. The current can be violently discharged as a defensive measure. Although he is skilled with his training lightsaber, Kei’lani much prefers to rely upon this tool in battle.


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