Lyceum of Yggdrasil

Loose Ends

and New Beginings

Approaching the house, the group can see that there is one sentry currently on watch up on the ridge. Kana perceives the sentry is not paying attention and looking the other direction. Bote is able to sneak up the ridge behind the sentry and with triumph knocks out the sentry with her training lightsaber. Bote returns to the group and as they approach the house, 20’ from the house, Dorian steps out of the house. He is not directly looking at the group and Crest has the wind close the door behind him so Dorian, turns with his back completely to the group. Kana forces jumps him with triumph and stuns him with force blows, knocking Dorian out.

Crest senses that there are seven people inside the house, two of which are sleeping. Bote, sneaks up to the window and looks in. Three people are sitting at a table, one is a stove doing something. Jesharia is one of the three people sitting at the table.

Crest takes the unconscious Dorian into the woods and ties him up. Crest rejoins the group and they knock on the door. A Montoya guard opens the door, and is startled to see the younglings. The guard reaches for his sword and Crest uses the force to snatch the sword from his hand. Crest points to Jesharia and demands to know what is going on. Jesharia exclaims “they are onto us, get them!”

Kei’lani steps up with the an energy grenade and shocks everyone in the room. The arcs of energy, hit everyone in the room. The mook that answered the door, the guy cooking bacon and the mook at the table got hit and are wallowing on the ground. Both Jesharia and Boren stand up from the table with weapons in hand. Boren heads for the back door. Kana force leaps up and kicks his back with enough force to drive Boren into the wall and knocks him into the wall. Crest fakes the use of taken sword and instead attacks Jesharia with the training lightsaber. Jesharia knocks the lightsaber out of Crest’s hand and it goes flying across the room. Bote steps up with the slug thrower and shoots Jesharia in the chest for no appreciable damage.

Kei’lani charges his body armor and punches at Jasharia. Kei’lani’s bodysuit over loads and starts to catch fire in the back of his jedi robes. Crest uses his force powers to grab the water in the bucket running it by Kei’lani to out the fire on his robes, and keeps hold of the water to put out the fire starting by the stove area. Kana steps up behind Jesharia and hit him, knocking him out and down to the ground. Crest is able to direct the water and puts out the rest of the fire. Looking around at the mooks on the floor, all of them are Montoyas.

The younglings tie up the group, and march them back to the elders. When Boren wakes up he confesses that Jesharia had convinced him that if they incited a war between the clans, that they both would come out on top of their respective clans. They report Eeth who takes his son in hand and thanks the group with 20 nerfs. The younglings keep Dorian’s sniper rifle, and Jesharia’s Corelian cutlass.

During the training montage, Bote learns how to treat different types of burns. Crest works of directing water, Kana works on practicing force jumping. Kei’lani was teaching fire safety, how to put out an electrical fire. Bote spends time with Mater Yggdrasil as he gets weaker and weaker. The master rewards Bote with his lightsaber with a standard ilium crystal and Bote is able to complete the holocron of knowledge before the master passes.

As fall passes and the harvest is completed Master Bobec calls the younglings together. Since the older students are not back yet, the younglings are charged with taking the taxes into the main city. The taxes are in the form of a chest of gold, several cases of Brandy. Bote is the one driving the oxen cart. On the third night camping, the group is joined by Jax, who is begging the younglings to take him with them. He is going crazy being a nerf herder and wants to get back to city life. Crest tries to test him with the cards and mind reading. The boys shows some talent. Jax used to live in Yannis Port before being taken to the original city the group met him in.

The next day, the group reaches the main road that will take them to Yannis Port. They are still on the road when they reach a small wayside cafe. Crest and Jax get out of the wagon and pull out their bag of tricks to beg for money and food. The rest of the group slowly plods along with the wagon. After an hour of begging Jax and Crest make enough money and food and return to the cart with lunch for everyone. At the end of the day, the wagon comes to an area where other travelers are banding together for protection. The group pays a farthing to park their wagon with the others for the night and join in a communal cooking.

The next night the group gets to the edge of the city with others who are there to pay taxes. Crest realizes that Jax is planning to skip the group and head into town that night. In order to try and convince Jax that he would be better off staying with the group to learn the mysterious ways of the force. It must have worked because Jax stayed overnight with the group. Mid-day the next day, the tax collectors come, inventory the wagon, unload it for a tax chit. The group decides to turn around and head home without entering the city proper.

The wagon is off the main road and is now on the dirt track heading back to the farm. Jax jumps up in the wagon and points out streaks in the sky. The younglings recognize it as a contrails, probably single engine. They sprint towards the farm on all day all out run,and instructed Jax to follow with the wagon. Just before reaching the farm, they see engine contrails leaving the farm vicinity. As the group reaches the rise they see smoke rising from both the barn and the farm house. Near the house there are many bodies that are in clothing unknown to us. In the center of the group is the weapons master Sarin Vull who is dead with his staff in two pieces. The strange bodies all have the same type of blasters making them look like an organized force.

Kei’lani and Bote run to the farmhouse to check for survivors and Crest and Kana run to the barn. The farmhouse is incidentally on fire, the barn looks to have been set on fire on purpose. In the barn is a body that we have never seen before. Another body, is one of the older padawans Eida Dane that had been set out looking for young jedi potentials.his back had been broken. The body had been clawed. At the back of the barn, Master Bobecc was in a room cut in half next to a control panel that the younglings had never seen before.

Kei’lani reviewed Eida’s body and noticed that there is a lot of cybernetics they didn’t have before. Bote notices that the cybernetics are fairly new in their install, and the claw marks and broken back suggests that the body was picked up by a wookie and flung across the room. Assumption is that Edia was either a direct traitor or was being controlled by the cybernetic people and led the mercenaries to the hideouts.

The younglings prepare three pyre for Bobecc, Sarin, and Eida, a mass pyre for all the mercs. They make it down the level to where the ship is stored, and are faced with the blast door that have never been closed before. Bote is able to determine both Bobecc and Eida died in very different places only moments apart. Further investigation shows that Master Sarin Vull was shot in the back when his attention was focused in the front. The footwork in the dirt looks very familiar to the patterns of the Makashi duelist and our other padawan Trevin Dyarron. Given the evidence, Crest searches the area for signs of the padawan hunter Ti’llandra Creel to see if she too had been corrupted and been there. No signs or evidence was found.

Crest tries to communicate with Eida’s spirit and feels a very dark and malevolent presence that is influencing his after life.Crest wants to look deeper into it, and consults Kana. Crest sees that the dark force is connected to the tech, that was in Edia and the two dead mercs. Being able to sense the evil tech gets a feeling that there were seven total who were under the influence. Three died on site, four got back on the ship and left.

Bote is able to work the control panel and pulled up an interface that opened with all five biometrics of the padawans. Once the doors open, a large wave of heat hits the group and they realize that a plasma fire was set to destroy everything in the upper room. When they get down to the ship, the holocron of Master Ygg greets the padawans. He imparts the information that he and other knights withheld information from the general public, and had chosen exile to wait and watch while training new jedis. Ygg had hoped to hide and wait out the darkness on this chosen planet. Unfortunately with what had happened above, Ygg realizes that hiding is no longer an option and action will be needed.

All earned 20xp


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