Lyceum of Yggdrasil

Kei’lani Wants a Thing

Part 1, worth 10 xp: Somewhere out there there is a thing that your character wants to have, What is it?

Hide plates. Kei’lani wants to craft armor using the hide of a natural creature. He wants to make armor that is exceptionally protective, but is also reactive to the Force. Kei’lani wants to change the medium of his armor craft from Force-inert inanimate metals (charged with electrical packs) to Force-sensitive once-living material (charged by the Force). This is the direction he wished to develop his study of mechanics and the Force.

Kei’lani does not want the hide plates of just any beast. Nor does he want to kill a living creature to get the hide plates. Kei’lani wants the hide of the Zillo Beast. These ancient creatures, now extinct (again), proved invulnerable to explosions, blaster fire, and even lightsaber strikes. When the last of its kind rampaged through Coruscant, it was trying to hunt down the Emperor specifically, indicating that the beast was in tune with the Force, sensitive enough to detect the Sith Lord.

Part 2, worth 15 xp: Where is it?

Early in the Clone Wars, the Jedi captured the last known Zillo Beast. After it escaped and was killed in battle reminiscent of King Kong’s end, Chancellor Palpatine ordered the giant corpse be studied in an attempt to develop advanced armor technology. Kei’lani is also aware, perhaps through the Force, that Palpatine ordered the beast to be cloned.

This means the original beast corpse is either on Coruscant, or pieces of it may have been shipped to whatever armor manufacturers were used to develop armaments for the Republic at that time. Pieces might even have been supplied to private arms makers for research, like the SoroSuub technology division. Pieces of the original beast could be anywhere in the galaxy.

There is also a chance that young Zillo Beasts, newly cloned, are being held in facilities on remote planets, or that cloned Zillo matter (not whole creatures) are being vat-grown and experimented on. These locations would probably also be near to armament manufacturers, whether private corporations or imperial research facilities.



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