Lyceum of Yggdrasil

Day Trip to Cedar


It is time to stock up and this time the Kids are in charge. Ti’Ilandra will be along just incase but the responsibility lies on you.

Shopping List
Wagon Wheels x 2
Bacon, 10lb
Salt beef, 10bl
Flour 20lb
Rice, 50lb
Coffee, 2lb
Sugar, 5lb
Vinegar 3quart
Table salt, 3sack
Molasses, 2gallon

The Wagon
Preserves 24 Jars
Honey 24 Jars
Apple Brandy 6 bottles
Wine 12 bottles
2 bales wool


A day of trading. Starting with the wagon wheels, Crest is able to negotiate through all three wheel wrights, and gets two wheels for a total of 19 credits. They traded the bales of wool at $10 each for a profit of $1.0

The ferry man, agrees to take the group over to the manor house on credit, owe $0.20 for the trip and had to pull the ferry rope over.

At the manor house, Crest uses his negotiation skills as a blind orphan to sell the Brandy for $3.25 (6 bottles) and the wine for $1.00 (12 bottles). Only one bottle of brandy actually delivered, need to take the rest of the brandy and wine needs to be taken back to the manor house.

While the group was unloading the wagon, there was a group of lumberjack that were sparing and having a good time. When the bales of wool were unloaded, there is a commotion coming from the sparing group and bang goes off. One person takes off running, and someone from the group yells after the fleeing lumberjack that he is a cheat. Anash jumps of the wagon and tears off after the cheating lumber jack. Kei’lani goes over the one kneeling in the dirt to see if he is hurt.The lumberjack’s arm is sliced and Kei’lani helps him to the barber shop. Enath and Bote stay with the wagon watching others. Crest takes off to follow the crowd.

Anash is able to catch up with the cheater farther down the alleyway and grabs him enough to tackle them to the ground. Crest comes into the alley, and notices that the cheat is very scared and if caught it would be very bad, Crest runs up to Anash whispers “I’m sorry” and tackles Anash to the ground in a “clumsy” maneuver. The cheating urchin get ups and runs away, makes it to the end of the alley and is grabbed by a large man with a staff with bells on it.

The law man comes up to Crest and Anash to determine what happened.

From the general store they give us: bacon 10lb 1.50; salt beef 0.90; flour 1; Rice 4.50; coffee for 3; sugar 5lb 0.8; vinegar 0.25; salt 1.0; molasses 1.0; spices 5.0. And we were able to sell the preserves for 0.10 (24 jars) and honey 0.25 (24 jars).

Net outcome from a day of trading in the town was $21.45

The group goes back to tea house where Ti’llandra is waiting for them. Enath asks her if the group could use some of the money to which Ti’llandra asks what stopped them from buying stuff. Such a padawan answer. Enath decides we should buy some candy for our group and the others back on the farm.

On the way out of town Crest looks for the stocks, to find the boy, Anash goes with him. In the square, the boy is locked in a cage, suspended from a gallows. Crest goes up to guard and offers to pay the boys fine of $0.15 so that the boy would not have to spend a week in the cage. The captain allows them to take the boy. Crest and Anash come back with the boy to take back to the farm.

Day Trip to Cedar
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