Lyceum of Yggdrasil

A rough night's sleep.

The young boy came running up to the house shouting, “Tina, tina, faufra esa sunailr.” (Mama, mama, people are coming.)

The woman’s jaw was set tight, the rest of her features obscured by a veil. “Y cluw, Peau.”
(I know Peau. (Wave (?)))

The boy frantically motioned towards the road. “Thairr’sa lud Luka Sene, fid dhairr esa ruailr du deca na.” (They’re not Luka Sene, but they are going to take me.)

The woman knelt down close to the boy. “Y cluw, Peau.” (I know Peau.)

Seemingly calmed by her presence the boy became still. “Ill Y ru, Y wul’d raa irrui ereail.” (If I go, I won’t see you again.)

The woman looked up as if she could see the stars shining bright at mid day. “Y cluw, Peau. Ill irrui nul’d ru Y wairr heya du wedsh irrui naia.” (I know Peau. If you don’t go I will have to watch you die.)

The boy’s voice became low and calm as he spoke. “Y nul’d weld du ru tina, Y en lud ellseain ud naia.” (I don’t want to go mama, I am not afraid to die)

“Y cluw, Peau. Bid irrui nird ru llus na.” (I know Peau. But you must go for me.). She leaned in so that her lips barely tickled the boys ear. “Always listen to them, they will teach you many things. They will tell you the song in your heart is the path to evil, and they are wrong. Always listen to them, but never believe that.”

She began to sing, and soon he joined her, until they took him away, and he woke.


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