A long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Nine years have passed since Masters Ygg, Bobecc and Vuull gathered you and your classmates and flead Coruscant aboard the Sleipnir a Consular class training ship. The first two years were spent at some temple ruins on Yavin. All of you felt the echoes in the force that Order 66 caused and the next 18 months where spent staying one step ahead of Jedi hunters. When the Sleipnir landed on Ludd, an out of the way planet colonized 2000 years ago by a group fleeing the “corruption” of technology. It is now 13BBY, Ygg’s dream of a school has come to be and the Jedi and students have built a frontier farmstead. Your days are spent learning from the Knights and the cache of training holocrons in the Sleipnir where it lies under the barn and working the sustenance farm.

The “Upperclassmen” are about to become knights and they will travel across Ludd looking for more students, while you and your classmates are about to take on the responsibilities of running the farm.

Lyceum of Yggdrasil

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